Exploring Mass

Exploring Mass

Our last math unit for the year is on mass and capacity. Today, the students explored mass in class by measuring and comparing the weights of different objects. Students could work in partners or on their own, and they were encouraged to dialogue throughout the activity. The class actually split into two groups, with one group of students exploring these two measurement websites (website 1 and website 2) and one group of students using the scales, and then they switched. Here are some videos of the students sharing their thinking throughout these activities.

When we were finished exploring mass, students shared what they learned using a variety of different forms. A group of students wanted to tweet about what they learned, and one of my Grade 2 students decided on the hashtag, #measuring2012, to help sort the tweets. Students even figured out how to use Twitlonger to allow them to write beyond 140 characters. Here’s a Storify story of some of what the students learned today.

What have you learned before about mass and measuring weight? Please add a comment here and let us know. Thanks for your help with this!

Miss Dunsiger’s Class

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  1. WOW!!!! This class is full of marvelous mathematicians who can measure! I really enjoyed your video. There is some great mathematical thinking in both the video and the tweets. Thank you for teaching me about measurement.

    • Thanks for the comment, Jennifer! I’m always so impressed with what the students share and how eager they are to share their thinking with others. I can’t wait to see what else they figure out as we continue to learn about measurement.


  2. What curious and thoughtful mathematicians. I was thinking about the observation from the first tweet and the video with the pattern blocks and the frog. In the tweet, you equated two base ten blocks. So I was wondering, if you took two random amounts of pattern blocks and made them equal (and maybe added the frog too), could you use the same strategy to see what other items are equal?

    • What a great idea, Mrs. McCrory! I’ll have to pose this question to the class this week, and we’ll let you know what we find out. Thanks!


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