That Chickadee Feeling

That Chickadee Feeling

Last week, we had the privilege of listening to author Frank Glew discuss many of his books including, That Chickadee Feeling. Our principal, Mrs. Chabot, loves this book, and she asked if she could come in and read the book to my class. Mrs. Chabot let me record this reading — thank you so much for that — and allowed me to share it here so that you can discuss That Chickadee Feeling  with your child at home.

When has your child had this magical feeling before? When have you had this feeling? Feel free to add a comment here to let us know, or write a blog post together on your child’s blog about this chickadee feeling.

After hearing Mrs. Chabot’s wonderful reading today, students worked in groups of four and five to make their own Common Craft videos about their chickadee feelings. Students decided what they were going to say in the videos, and they even worked together to record their videos using various tools including an iPod Touch, a flipcam, and a digital camera. We hope that you enjoy these videos, and can use the ideas in them to further your discussions at home.

For those reading this blog post that are not in our class, what are some of your chickadee feelings? How can you give others that chickadee feeling too? We would love to hear your thoughts! A special thank you again to Mrs. Chabot for sharing her love of reading with all of us and sparking a great conversation both in class and at home!


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  1. My mom’s chickadee feeling was when I was born.

    I really liked hearing Mrs. Chabot read the story. My favourite part is when the chickadee landed in his hand. I will bring a book to school to read to Mrs. Chabot.

  2. What a lovely book, and follow up lesson. I will be doing this with my students this year! Loved the videos of the kids’ chickadee feelings. I had a chickadee feeling during a loud thunderstorm last night. Two dogs were on pillows right by my bed and one dog and three cats were on my bed. We all felt safe and cozy while the thunder cracked and rumbled and the rain pounded down.

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